FORT WORTH -- Five years after a little boy was left in a vegetative state by a suspected drunk driver, the case may finally go to trial.

Abdallah Khader was just shy of his third birthday when Stewart Richardson slammed his pickup truck into the Khader family's sedan in Arlington. Tests showed Richardson's blood alcohol level was three times the legal limit.

He had multiple out-of-state charges related to impaired driving. Tarrant County prosecutors tried to use one of them from Iowa to enhance the possible punishment from a maximum of 20 years to a maximum of life.

The case bounced between two appeals courts until a ruling Thursday sided with prosecutors. Tarrant County Assistant District Attorney Richard Alpert said he hopes to bring the case to trial within months.

Richardson's attorney couldn't be reached for comment. If he appeals Thursday's decision to a higher court, that could delay the case yet another year.

Abdallah Khader turned eight years old in April. A few weeks later, he was rushed to the hospital and appeared near death. He is now back at home.

His mother said Thursday's ruling was the news she has been waiting for to finally end the legal nightmare.

The suspect, Stewart Richardson, has been in jail the whole time, unable to make a $175,000 bond.


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