ROWLETT More than 150 volunteers from one area church gathered over the weekend to volunteer their time to fix homes in their community. Re:Build is a ministry of Community Life Church in Forney.

'You've got skilled guys,' volunteer Jeremy Landers said. 'And then you have guys who say, 'I sit behind a desk for 40 hours a week, but I can do what you need me to do.''

The church members worked on projects ranging from yard work to roof repair.

'It brings the whole church together, and goes out to meet some of the needs in the community,' Landers said.

One project would need more volunteers and more work. Chris Post and his wife Traci Bryan have difficulty even getting around their house.

'We bought the house, and we couldn't even get into the house,' Bryan said.

Traumatic injuries have left Post and Bryan paralyzed from the chest down. Getting their home into compliance with the Americans with Disabilities Act is a massive undertaking.

'I am completely in shock of everything that's happening right now,' Post said.

That is where the Re:Build program comes in. In one weekend, the team is widening doorways; lowering cabinets; ripping up carpet; replacing fixtures; painting; and building a screened-in patio.

'I just feel so blessed and thankful and excited,' Post said. 'I feel like my heart is about to explode.'

For the people at Re:Build, they see the project as a way to establish working relationships with each other and to help their community.

Post and Bryan see it as a blessing beyond their dreams.

The next project is already in the works. Re:Build has helped secure a deal with Home Depot to completely re-do the couple's kitchen.

'I just want to cry,' Post said. 'It's amazing. I'm so thankful.'

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