DALLAS A Dallas mother is accused of attempting to drown her two girls in the bathtub because they kept asking her for snacks.

'We were fixing to die,' said Sonja Gardner's 6-year-old daughter to detectives of what her mother said, according to documents.

Gardner, 35, told police she smoked marijuana laced with PCP before the incident. She was arrested and booked at the Dallas County jail on two counts of attempted capital murder.

According to police records, authorities responded to the apartment complex at about 7 p.m. Thursday inthe 3300 block of Southern Oaks Boulevard.

Witnesses told police they heard screaming from inside the apartment and saw the girls' 18-year-old brother run out with his 4-year-old sister in his arms. She was soaking wet.

When he tried to go back inside, the front door was locked and he kicked it in, according to court records. Witnesses said he yelled out, 'Give me my [expletive] sister,' and then heard a gunshot sound off from within the apartment.

The brother came out of the apartment with his 6-year-old sister in his arms. She was also soaking wet, the records state.

The witnesses told police that the children said their mother tried to drown them. Apparently wanted on a probation violation, the brother left the children with the witnesses and fled.

The 6-year-old victim also told detectivesthat their mother tried to 'drown us in the bath.' She said she screamed and hollered while she was in the water and when their brother shot a gun into the air.

Detectives said the mother told them 'she was upset because the children were asking for snacks.'

'[She] decided that she was going to kill them by drowning them in the bathtub,' the records state.

According to the documents, she had just filled the bathtub with water when her son shot his gun in the ceiling and kicked in the bathroom door. The detectives said Gardner told them that if her son hadn't entered the bathroom, she would have drowned her two daughters.

Gardner's 6-year-old daughter also told detectives she was burned with an iron, which Gardner admitted to according to the records.

Inside the apartment, police found a bathtub full of water. Inside the bathroom, water covered the floor and an iron was still plugged into the wall.

The children were placed in foster care and the mother had no previous reports with Child Protective Services.


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