FORTWORTH -- While a Fort Worth veterinarian is heading to AustinFriday to try and save his license, a local family has filed a lawsuit against him.

The Harris family filed a lawsuit against Dr. Lou Tierce and his animal clinic. The family thought their dog had been euthanized, but that never happened.

The vet told them their family dog couldn't be saved, but six months later they were told their pet was still alive. Dr. Tierce had apparently been using the dog, plus other animals, for blood transfusions.

Supporters will join Dr.Tierce as he tries to convince the Board of Veterinarian Medical Examiners to re-instate his license. It was temporarily suspended after he was arrested on allegations of animal cruelty. Those allegations are detailed in a recent police report and the lawsuit filed.

The Harris family is suing the vet for $1 million, saying they suffered 'from heartache and the pain of watching their children unnecessarily grieve the loss of their dog only to, six months later, experience betrayal like they had never before known.'

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