The NBA didn't take long to deal with Clippers owner Donald Sterling and the racist comments he made to a girlfriend: A lifetime ban and a fine.

The fine isn't much, $2.5 million. But a lifetime ban and the league saying they'll do all they can to force him to sell? It's all they can do.

That $2.5 million fine is a lot of money to most of us. To Donald Sterling it's simply 'girlfriend money.' But it's all the NBA could do because of their constitution... a constitution that Mavericks owner Mark Cuban says is there for a reason.

I think that reason is to protect racist billionaires and their money.

When Sterling exposed himself for the racist he is, Cuban said then he didn't want to talk about it and become the story... and maybe he shouldn't have.

He said Monday night that forcing Sterling out of the NBA is a 'slippery slope' a slope that he didn't want to go down because forcing a man to sell his team for his private words is not an America he wants.

And then without hardly taking a breath Cuban said that if he had an employee who said the same thing in the privacy of their home, he would fire that person on the spot.

He's apparently okay with that, America.

Cuban says he does support the commissioner's decision... and how can you not?

It's not the most they could do. It's the least they could do.

Maybe the U.S. Supreme Court doesn't realize it, but racism in America is still a part of our daily life.

It's not illegal. You don't go to jail for being a disgusting human being. And I do like that America.

But I like an America more that doesn't have a seat at the table for those who think like Donald Sterling thinks.

Sterling's going to be just fine after all this. He's a billionaire an ignorant one; a racist one; but still a rich one.

Some people won't like him much, but he'll find another girlfriend, someone who understands him. And his friends will tell him that he's the victim here. Men like Donald Sterling always think they're the victim, even when they make all the rules.

You can make the argument the NBA should have kicked him out before, and they should have.

You can argue he's done even worse things before, and he has.

But the NBA is acting now. They're doing the right thing now, and that makes it a good day in America, a very good day.

And that slope isn't that slippery after all.


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