Safe rooms are often the only thing left standing when an F-5 tornado, like the one in Moore, Oklahoma, in 2013 hits.

North Texas storm shelter companies say the demand for shelters is up 200 percent.

In new construction, the shelters are attached to a slab as the home is being built. In a remodeling project we saw, the storm shelter will serve as a pantry, as well. And in some cases, the shelter is placed below ground inside what will be a master closet with steps that will lead from the floor.

The smallest shelter will cost you about $5,000; a price many are willing to pay to protect against the horrific destruction tornadoes can bring.

YouTube video from Texas Tech University shows how a professional storm shelter can protect you from flying debris.

'They shoot a two-by-four - a five-pound two-by-four - at your unit at 100 miles an hour,' said Russell Mims of Family Safe In Home Storm Shelters. 'Through all the engineering and wind science from everyone, they figured that is the absolute fastest a projectile would go in a 250 mile per hour wind.'

Made of thick steel, anchored with specially made tie downs, and equipped with air vents and a peephole, the shelters are designed to keep you and any valuables safe from a severe weather, or even an intruder.

'No matter what happens to your house, whether it be fire, or theft, [or] tornado, all your paperwork that says who you are is still here,' Mims said.

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