FORT WORTH After a nearly 13-hour shutdown, Highway 287 near downtown Fort Worth reopened around four o'clock Wednesday afternoon.

One tricky turn created a messy morning commute when a truck hauling a trailer full of cattle flipped over on a ramp around 3:30 a.m.

'It curves too much,' said driver Jesse Rubio.

Rubio said he was transporting 95 cattle to Shamrock, Texas from Corsicana. At least a dozen animals died in the wreck.

Even more were trapped inside the trailer blocking the highway. Rubio said he wasn't speeding.

'The load shifted because of the curve. I tried to save it, but it still took me,' he said.

The northbound lanes of Highway 287 were closed for hours at the Interstate 35W junction as teams of police officers, firefighters end even a veterinarian tried to separate and move the surviving cattle into another trailer.

They used chains and ropes to pull the heavy animals out and slowly began cleaning up the roadway.

Fort Worth police spokesman Sgt. Raymond Bush said crews were working to safely and efficiently remove the animals.

'We have to be careful about hazardous waste,' he said. 'All of that comes in when you talk about dead animals.'

A few of the surviving cattle were euthanized because they were too badly injured. Rubio said he did what he could to save his cargo.

'They're young ones. They didn't get to live as long as they could have,' he said.

Police indicated that speed could have been a factor in the accident, but that they were still investigating.

The surviving cattle were taken to an undisclosed location where their owner can pick them up later.


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