Have you filed your taxes? The deadline is Tuesday, and Rep. Michael Burgess talks about his plan to simplify the process.

Wendy Davis met with President Obama during his latest trip to Texas; we'll talk about why you won't see any pictures of the two together.

Also: Is LBJ's legacy shifting from Vietnam to civil rights? And we'll focus on the race to become the state's next chief financial officer; Democratic comptroller candidate Mike Collier is in studio.

We're digging in to the race for state comptroller this week. Mike Collier is the Democratic nominee. He's a CPA and a former partner at Price Waterhouse Coopers in Houston. Republican candidate Glenn Hegar couldn't join us this week but agreed to appear on a future broadcast. Joining Inside Texas Politics host Jason Whitely in the questioning is Bud Kennedy, columnist for the Fort Worth Star-Telegram.

Every Sunday morning we go to Austin to get context from the Capitol. Ross Ramsey, editor and co-founder of The Texas Tribune, talks about the case of University of Texas Regent Wallace Hall, a Rick Perry appointee who is being targeted by the state legislature for possible impeachment. While there seems to be little chance of the governor calling a special session for that purpose, where does this leave Perry's influence now? Plus: Democratic gubernatorial candidate Wendy Davis continues to hammer Republican rival Greg Abbott over his education rollout. A recent UT/Texas Tribune poll suggested that Abbott's ideas might be more popular with voters who want to make sure tax dollars are spent effectively. Who is now winning on this issue?

Ed Gray from 411 Reality Radio says those opposed to immigration might be better served to study history to learn how the founders of Texas viewed the issue.

If you haven't already filed, federal income tax returns are due in the mail by midnight Tuesday. Republican Rep. Michael Burgess of Lewisville wants to reduce the time it takes to prepare your taxes.

Could 2016 bring another match between Bush and Clinton? Hillary is an early favorite for Democrats, and now Jeb Bush is the newest name for Republicans. But is he too moderate... or just enough to attract independents? That's the focus of Flashpoint. From the right, Mark Davis with 660 AM The Answer, and from the left, former Democratic state representative Domingo Garcia.

We put the week's political headlines in perspective on Reporters Roundtable with Ross Ramsey and Bud Kennedy. There's plenty of speculation that Jeb Bush might seriously consider a run for president. What are his chances? The Civil Rights Summit has wrapped up in Austin. All the living presidents praised LBJ's civil rights legislation. Are we seeing President Johnson's legacy shift from the Vietnam War to civil rights? And where was Wendy Davis? She met President Obama privately, but no public photos were released.


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