WYLIE -- A Wylie family still grieving will now see that justice is done.

Monday morning, Ivan Mejia's father showed up at the Collin County Courthouse to meet with the county district attorney's office. The family would not comment on what was discussed.

Dallas defense attorney Pete Schulte cannot speak to the specific case, but said he wouldn't be surprised if the district attorney's office is getting some direction on how to proceed with the case; specifically, whether to charge the two juvenile suspects as adults.

'The big issue is going to be - and the judge is going to look at this - what was the sophistication and maturity of these children during this crime?' Schulte said.

Ivan Mejia, 17, was found dead in early March. Police say the Wylie East senior was choked to death by two 16-year-old classmates, Brenden Bridges and Adam Staup.

The family met with the district attorney's office the same day the two suspects were up for their 10-day detention reviews, a standard practice every ten business days until there is a petition filed.

The DA's office will likely decide on a motion to try Bridges and Staup as adults in the near future, sometime after they receive the case from the Wylie police, according to Schulte.

'There's a lot of corroboration that needs to take place. They try to give the police department time to put that case together before being submitted to the DA's office,' Schulte said.

On Monday, we learned that Wylie police should be finishing up their case likely by the end of the week.


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