DALLAS What do you think is the most photographed thing in Dallas right now? It might just be the tulip.

Well, take a tulip and multiply by 500,000... that's the unbelievable scene at the Dallas Arboretum right now.

I couldn't believe how many people were there taking pictures, so I did, too, using my iPhone. This entire story was shot with my telephone.

Ever wonder how Mike Castellucci shoots stories on his iPhone? He uses a few simple and inexpensive tools:

  • Gorillapod: A little tripod that bends like Gumby. I found one at Best Buy for $19.99
  • Olloclip: A three-in-one wide angle lens that slips over the lens of the camera. It's the size of a quarter and houses a fish eye lens, wide angle lens, and a macro lens. I found this little gizmo on Amazon for about $60.
  • FotoDiox Pro SlideCam: This is a two-foot rail that can be used to manually slide the iPhone (or any small camera) back-and-forth to provide a smooth, cinema-like 'tracking' shot. It lists for about $180.
  • I also use a simple iPhone microphone connector. You can use any microphone on the other end for crisp sound, mainly for interviews and people talking. The microphone inside the iPhone works great for any other sound like bands, sizzling grills, cats purring, and professional photographers grumbling.
  • Delkin Fat Gecko suction cup camera mount: Stick it to windows or walls or table tops. Anywhere you need to mount your camera to help you get the perfect shot.


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