SEAGOVILLE Tempers flared at Seagoville City Hall Monday night as residents got their first explanation about how $70,000 of their money was allegedly stolen.

And while the city's former Economic Development Corporation chief Rebecca Roberts is accused of embezzlement, it's Mayor Harold Magill who was under the gun for making the issue public last week on News 8.

There are allegations of a cover-up; an attempt by City Attorney Bob Hager to hide the involvement of City Manager Larry Graves, who was living with the economic development director when she was allegedly stealing funds some of which was allegedly used to pay for $6,300 in carpeting at Graves' home, where they were living together.

There are further allegations that Hager fabricated a quote from Mayor Magill for a news release.

On Monday night, for the first time, Seagoville citizens were primed to get a public explanation of what's happening with the audit; the missing money; the carpet; and the affair.

But what they witnessed instead was other City Council members attacking the mayor, who finally brought down the gavel in his own support.

'The point is, you turned embezzlement from the SEDC chairman, okay? Into deflecting everything on the city manager,' said City Council member Lee Landess. 'And that's the tragedy of all this.'

'The tragedy of things is, you continue to attack me for his bad judgment of having an affair,' Mayor Magill shot back, as cheers erupted from some members of the audience.

After that, the crowd began jeering Hager, who turned around to address upset citizens.

The mayor then called for Graves to be placed on leave until the matter is investigated and he's cleared of any culpability.

Graves did not appear at Monday night's meeting.

Rebecca Roberts was fired from her position at the SEDC and has since split up with Graves.

The Texas Rangers are investigating the matter.


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