AUSTIN -- Thousands of people made it to Butler Park Saturday afternoon to enjoy the music, the food, and the sunshine.

Around 3 p.m. the clouds started to move in and the wind started to kick up.

KUVEspoke to people from Austin and from around the state. They all say they are accustomed to Texas weather being all over the place. Sometimes it's sunny; sometimes there is a threat of rain; but it will not stop festival-goers from enjoying great music that Austin is known for.

The key is to always be prepared.

'We just grabbed two trash [bags] when we just decided to come down, and I was ready for it to rain. [Then] 'miss girl' sang, and I think she made the rain go away,' Maya Pruett said.

'Igrabbed a sweater, my umbrella and my rain jacket,' said Angie Mascorro. 'Despite the rain, it is a concert you're supposed to come out whether it is raining or not.'

The crowd was excited when Snoop Dogg showed up an hour into the production and seemed to forget about the possibility of rain.

The headliner, Childish Gambino, played at 8 p.m.

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