PROSPER -- It was one win on a Thursday in February; not a very big deal in the high school baseball season.

But when all the 'ones' add up to 700, that's when the coach gets the water bucket dumped on his head.

'It all goes back to the kids,' said Rick Carpenter, the head baseball coach at Prosper high school. 'I know it may sound corny, but it's the exact truth. If they do a good job for you and play hard, you're going to get some victories.'

'It's my senior year. Getting that 700th win, it's awesome,' said shortstop Tyler Webb. 'And it's awesome for him and I know it's been a long journey for him.'

Carpenter is in his seventh season at Prosper. Before coming to North Texas, he spent 15 seasons at Fort Bend Elkins, winning three state championships.

'It's awesome getting to play for a guy with his ability and being able to play for someone who is so well-respected throughout the state,' said first baseman and pitcher Dom Yearego.

Carpenter is the father of St. Louis Cardinals second baseman Matt Carpenter, who shared his dad's accomplishment with his 117,000 followers on Twitter, calling it an 'amazing accomplishment.' That's been re-tweeted 78 times.

So that's a nice thing, and 700 wins is a great, but Rick Carpenter's No. 1 highlight of his career was coaching his two sons, Matt and Tyler.

'And they both went on to play in Division I, so they were good players and played for good teams,' Carpenter said. 'There's no doubt about it -- that's the No. 1 thrill.'

Matt was a standout locally for the TCU baseball team.

This is Rick Carpenter's 32nd year as a varsity coach. A little math tells us that he averages about 22 wins a year.

'He's really a blessing. He's just done a lot for this program,' said Dean Smith, a pitcher and outfielder for the Eagles. 'He's definitely made me a better baseball player, just having him around, him pulling me aside every now and then, giving me a couple tips here and there. It's been a blessing.'


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