DALLAS -- Labor is even harder for Anna Ward because her husband isn't here.

'I wish he could be here, but he can't at the moment,' Anna said. 'He was recently deployed, so he's overseas in Afghanistan right now.'

When her husband was deployed in January, Anna had planned to give birth alone at Texas Health Presbyterian Dallas.

Then obstetrician Dr. Jay Staub suggested a cyber birth, where the father can be present via an Internet connection.

'He can't be here in person, but we can get him here vicariously,' Dr. Staub said. 'It's an opportunity for us to do whatever we can to thank the guys that are defending our country for us. So I take this pretty seriously and I want to make sure we get him here.'

Despite a 10-and-a-half hour time difference and nearly 8,000 miles, Army Private First Class Treshawn Ward is able to be at his wife's side, thanks to the miracle of technology.

'Whoever the creator of Skype is, is amazing,' Treshawn said, with a huge smile on the iPad.

Treshawn stayed on the video line for hours, lending support in the delivery room. And when he became a father, Treshawn Ward was there, able to see it all.

'It means so much to us,' Anna said, holding the iPad with her husband on it.

Though he might not have been able to hold his wife's hand, or kiss his newborn son, Adam, from the other side of the earth, the new parents say sharing this moment means the world.


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