DALLAS A search warrant affidavit reveals that the suspect who wounded a police officer in Northeast Dallas Saturday afternoon used a .38 caliber revolver.

Officer Joshua Burns is now out of the intensive care unit at Baylor University Medical Center, recovering from multiple gunshot wounds. He is said to be doing better, but he remains in a lot of pain.

The affidavit says Burns and Officer Salvador Varillas were called to the Regal Springs Apartments in the 13000 block of Audelia Road to investigate a disturbance. Upon arrival, they found Rakeem Perkins in a tan Oldsmobile trying to exit the complex.

When they approached the vehicle, Perkins refused to get out. Varillas then approached the car and saw Perkins grab a handgun. The document says the suspect began firing at police from the vehicle.

The officers fired back as Perkins crawled through the passenger-side door. The affidavit says Perkins shot at the officers while fleeing, striking Burns in the torso and the leg.

The suspect returned to the apartment where the disturbance call originated and called his mother to come pick him up.

The affidavit said Perkins' mom then called police, and she convinced him to surrender. Perkins was shot in the leg during the incident.

Police said Burns' bulletproof vest likely saved his life. It's too soon to say when he will be released from the hospital.

Ann Walker was in her apartment when the bullets started flying.

'One of them came through the couch,' she said on Monday. 'See how the hole is in one of the blinds and came through the couch and pierced the couch?'

Walker's daughter, Clarissa Williams, called police about Perkins, who was her boyfriend. The two have been dating just shy of a year, and were having a fight on Saturday morning.

'He kept hollering, harassing,' Ann Walker said. 'She is telling him to please leave, and he wouldn't leave, and one thing led to another.'

Walker said police arrived and tried to get Perkins to leave.

'I guess they were telling him to leave, and within seconds he started opening fire on police,' she said.

Walker said more than a dozen shots were exchanged during the shootout. She said she saw the aftermath of Burns' wound and was with him before paramedics arrived.

'I was just trying to hold his hand to keep him from going into shock,' she said.

Two months ago, the department issued Officer Down Kits that include tourniquets and gauze. The kit likely saved Burns' life. Meanwhile, officers found a .38 caliber revolver, drug scales and what appeared to be a crack pipe.

Rakeem Perkins is charged with attempted murder. He is being held at the Dallas County Jail on $2 million bond.


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