DALLAS -- Authorities are trying to identify as many as 10 other women who were found on videotapes seized from the Dallas home of accused serial rapist Jesus Madrid-Dubon.

The videotapes were found on an Apple iPod and those depicted him 'engaged in sexual acts' and 'holding a pink Taser or a large butcher knife,' according to police records.

'The evidence indicates we may possibly have more victims,' said Deputy Chief Gil Garza, who oversees sexual assault.

Calling Madrid-Dubon a 'predator,' he said authorities have set up a tip line to try to identify the other potential victims. That number is 214-790-1359.

Madrid-Dubon, 27, is currently being held in the Dallas County Jail on two counts of aggravated sexual assault and one count of aggravated kidnapping.

The charges are in connection with sexual assaults that occurred in August 2013, January, and February.

In the August and January attacks, authorities say he met his victims through a social messaging app called Kik Messenger.

The woman in the August attack told police that he picked her up for date and drove her to a location on Sovereign Row in Northwest Dallas. She said he placed a knife to her neck and raped her.

She said that he photographed Madrid-Dubon with her cell phone.

The victim in the January attack said that he also picked her up at her Grand Prairie home. She told investigators that they engaged in 'casual conservation' as they drove to Dallas.

She told investigators that he asked if she wanted to see something, and 'displayed a pink Taser.' She said she asked him what he was doing, and he told her to shut up and locked the door.

'The complainant described the defendant as going from 'being normal to just snapping out of nowhere,'' police records state.

She said Madrid-Dubon continued to drive, taking her to an abandoned warehouse near some railroad tracks. She said that he ordered her into the back seat and made her take off her clothes.

'The complainant began to plead with the suspect not to 'do this,'' the records state. He told her to shut up as he held a Taser to her neck. He then raped her.

'The complainant stated that the defendant appeared more focused on videotaping the offense than actually enjoying the sex acts,' the records state. She thought that he may have sent the video to someone.

At one point, he got a phone call and stepped out of the vehicle.

After finishing the attack, she said he began driving and asked her if she wanted to meet her friends. He said they were 'just like him,' the records state.

She pled with him to let her go and that he again threatened with a Taser. He told her go ahead and jump if she wanted to die.

Authorities say he got off the freeway and she jumped out of the moving vehicle.

On Feb. 4, authorities say he abducted a 16-year-old girl from a bus stop at gunpoint. He took her to the same location off Sovereign Row where he had taken the first victim, told her he'd kill her if she didn't do what he said, and raped her.

The victims in the August and February attacks have both picked him out of a lineup.

Police have said he was driving a white Kia Sportage in the attacks. The car belonged to his mother, records state.

Police believe he may also have met some of his victims through a social messaging site called MocoSpace, a site counselor Cynthia Prentice of Restoration Community Church in Arlington is familiar with.

'My initial reaction when I first discovered MocoSpace was that it had the potential to be - if not already was - a very dangerous place,' she said.

She explored it after hearing women in her congregation talk about it.

Prentice added, 'I think where it differs from Facebook is that it's more for people who don't know each other,' Prentice added. 'Not to say you might not have real-life relationships on there, but it's where you just go to meet up, meet strangers, or go into chat rooms.'

'Women who were not on their guard, or teens not on their guard, it seemed to be a place where predators could easily take advantage of someone,' she said.

If police do find that there are as many as 10 other victims, that could make him even more prolific than Van Dralan Dixson.

Dixson, who authorities called the 'South Dallas serial rapist,' has been charged in nine sexual assaults that occurred last year.


News 8's Teresa Woodard contributed to this story.

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