We're focusing our first conversation this week on Marlise Munoz. She was pregnant, but brain-dead. John Peter Smith Hospital in Fort Worth said state law mandates pregnant women can't be taken off life support, so she sat for weeks until a judge finally ordered she be disconnected.

Now lawmakers from both sides of the aisle have different ideas on how to prevent it again. Host Jason Whitely and Fort Worth Star-Telegram columnist Bud Kennedy discuss the issue with Republican State Rep. Matt Krauss of Fort Worth and Democratic State Rep. Garnett Coleman of Houston.

We discuss a variety of political topics this week with Ross Ramsey, executive editor of The Texas Tribune. Three Republicans are challenging Lt. Gov. David Dewhurst, and all four took part in a televised debate last week. Did their performance guarantee a run-off? Also: Two Texas congressmen Republican Jeb Hensarlng and Democrat Marc Veasey talk about the minimum wage after the president's State of the Union Address. And State Sen. John Carona is being challenged by auto dealer Don Huffines, who is spending a lot of money on his campaign.

What was President Obama wearing during his State of the Union address?

For the first time, Gov. Rick Perry has endorsed the idea of decriminalizing the use of marijuana in Texas. That's the topic for this week's Flashpoint debate between Mark Davis with 660 AM The Answer on the right and former State Rep. Domingo Garcia on the left.

On Reporters Roundtable, Bud Kennedy and Ross Ramsey help Jason Whitely put the headlines in perspective. This week:

The Republican lieutenant governor candidates all said Marlise Munoz should have been kept on life-support. What took them so long to make this an issue? And why did they all take the same position?

We talked about the lieutenant governor's debate earlier, and how all four Republicans sounded alike. Does this guarantee a May runoff?

Plus: Tough words from Sen. Wendy Davis. She said Republicans can't defend their public record, so they're attacking her private life. Is this issue over?


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