Although I've lived here 30 years, and knew and covered Adelfa Callejo for much of that time, I never called her 'Adelfa.' To me, that somehow seemed disrespectful.

Now she's gone, but not forgotten.

You've seen and heard the tributes...

The first Latina to graduate from SMU law school, the fierce wind that filled the sails of many a local politician.

The most remarkable thing about Dona Adelfa is that she never wanted to take credit for all she accomplished for others.

Adelfa Callejo was wealthy; richer than most of the political opponents with whom she crossed swords. And that gave her the independence to say what she wanted without any fear of retaliation.

She wanted no personal recognition, no political office, no public honor; just fairness for others.

In speaking to her, I was always reminded of a lyric from an old James Brown song: 'I don't nobody to give me nothin'... Just open up the door and I'll get it myself.'

She pushed open many a door in this city, helping thousands who just wanted a chance.

Y porque lo hizo, somos una ciudad mejor.

(And because she did, we are a better city.)

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