Nearly five years after being stricken with swine flu, Jacob Henderson continues to face consequences from the illness.

He spent more than a month in an intensive care unit, but Jacob has come a long way since the fall of 2009.

'They didn't expect him to walk, and they didn't expect him to be a normal child,' said his mom, Niki Henderson.

Six weeks after starting fifth grade, Jacob fell sick with the flu fast.

'He started vomiting and running a fever on Sunday night, and by Monday morning he had already been pronounced dead and been brought back,' his mom recalled.

After spending days connected to a machine that forced his heart to beat and then weeks more in ICU, Jacob finally recovered.

But his fight with the flu is far from over.

'His lungs to this day are still damaged,' Niki Henderson said.

The illness changed Jacob's dreams.

'I was wanting to play baseball because my friend's brother was in baseball, and I always thought that would be cool to do,' he said. 'And I can't.'

Flu also changed the Henderson family's reality.

'We're having a good year if he's only been hospitalized twice,' Jacob's mom said.

Jacob was most recently in the hospital jut a couple of weeks ago. He takes breathing treatments every day.

Jacob didn't get a flu shot in 2009; he was a victim of the vaccine shortage that year.

Today, his mother calls that a mistake she hopes no other parent repeats.

'You may not catch the flu, and that's great and that's awesome,' Niki Henderson said. 'But you may carry that flu bug and pass it on to somebody else who cant... who can't fight it off.'

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