DALLAS Skyron Marshall has been with the U.S. Postal Service for nine years, but December 15 was the first time he made pick-ups and drove a route on a Sunday.

'We've actually never done this before, so this is our first year experimenting with it,' he said.

Marshall made a total of 39 stops on Sunday. He picked up mail so that it could be processed at the North Texas Mail Processing and Distribution Center ahead of what is expected to be one of the busiest days of the year for postal workers on Monday.

'I can guarantee one thing,' Marshall said. 'It's going to be lots and lots of mail. Lots and lots of mail.'

To be more precise, the Postal Service estimates it will collect more than three million pieces of mail Monday. That's more than three times the normal volume of mail.

Much of that will be cards and gifts customers want delivered before Christmas Day.

With fewer days between Black Friday and Christmas... and an ice storm that kept people from getting to the post office earlier... workers are getting a head start.

Marshall said some workers, like him, are volunteering to pick up the extra day on the job.

'It's a pretty good feeling to know that you went the extra mile to help get out that Christmas gift or card to someone when on an ordinary basis it wouldn't happen,' he said.

Postal workers in major metropolitan areas will have one more out-of-the-ordinary day on Sunday, December 22, working to deliver Christmas packages.


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