WAXAHACHIE -- The ice storm may be to blame for some early due dates across North Texas.

During the nasty weather, when many mothers-to-be were worried about facing icy roads, they called for an ambulance.

Cameron Cutler of Waxahachie gave birth to twins, during the storm. She said it was high blood pressure that admitted her to the hospital a week early.

'Traveling to the hospital would be a huge risk if you go into labor in the middle of the night and it is all iced over -- it was a very scary prospect,' Cutler said.

According to MedStar, their staff expects four pregnancy-related calls on an average weekend. During the ice storm, they responded to 49 calls over the four-and-a-half day stretch of the storm. In a press release, MedStar notes a 'casual relationship' between the 'number of rupture of the fetal membranes, delivery and barometric pressure.'

Dr. Paul Lansdowne is the doctor who delivered the Cutlers' baby. He spent three nights camped out inside Methodist Mansfield Medical Center.

'Twins come a little bit early, and so maybe the stress of the weekend like we had and the weather, that could have been a factor. It's hard to say with absolute certainty, but it's possible,' Dr. Lansdowne said.

As for the new mother of twins, Cameron Cutler said the stress of the storm is over and she can relax for now.

'We checked in on Thursday and we were induced on Friday with high blood pressure. I went in with all smiles,' she said. 'I was so excited to have my twins a week earlier than I expected.'


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