CARROLLTON At 10 p.m. Monday, Greg Pitts was cold and irritated sitting in his dark Carrollton home.

By 10:16 the lights were back on and the heat was returning, but his mood wasn't changing.

What does Pitts have to say about Oncor, the company responsible for maintaining the power lines? 'I think you have some serious issues to address regarding public relations and public safety,' he said.

Pitts lost power at one o'clock Friday afternoon. He stayed in his home because he has two dogs and two cats to care for. He used a lantern and his fireplace to stay warm.

He signed up for Oncor's new automated text message system, to report outages and keep up with information about when the outage would be rectified.

But he received multiple texts with wrong information in return.

Some messages told him his power was back on. It wasn't.

Other texts claimed his outage had not been reported. It had.

'I think you have a big responsibility to the people of this area and this instant, I think, you showed you have failed to meet those obligations,' Pitts said.

Oncor admits their new text communication system did have some problems, and they're looking into how to improve the system.


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