David Daugherty, his wife and their two-year-old child were on their way to DFW Airport when they got stuck in the ice on Interstate 20.

'We have not moved one foot from Exit 380 in 11 hours,' Daugherty told News 8 by phone in the 26th hour of their ordeal. He said there's at least two inches of ice completely across the road surface at his location, about 52 miles west of Fort Worth.

Daugherty, a trucker by trade, said he is flabbergasted.

'It's unreal. I've never seen it ever at just a complete standstill,' he said.

Daugherty said he's tried to call for help. 'I can't hardly get anyone to answer the phone,' he said. 'They're just saying, 'We're sorry. We're aware of the problem. We're working on it.''

He said he has not seen any sand or salt trucks on the eastbound lanes of I-20.


We contacted the Daughtertys on Sunday evening; they told us they finally got to the airport after being stuck in their car for 31 hours. They did have to reschedule their flight, and hope to depart on Monday.

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