FORT WORTH The ice-covered body of a 91-year-old man was found in a Fort Worth ditch about 2 a.m. Monday, a possible victim of the ice storm.

Therman Harris' niece and her husband had filed a missing persons report Saturday after looking for him all day Friday.

Norman and Brenda Norwood said another relative called them overnight Sunday after spotting Harris' SUV off Rendon Road, several miles from his home just southeast of downtown.

Norman Norwood said he drove to the scene, called 911, then discovered the body about 20 feet away. He said it was covered in ice. Norwood thinks Harris left his vehicle for some reason, fell down, and could not get up.

By coincidence, News 8 recently interviewed Harris about his concern over abandoned homes in his neighborhood.

Brenda Norwood said her uncle was very independent. 'He wanted to stay in his home and keep his house up, and that's what he did,' she said. 'He didn't like to get out after dark. He got confused.'

She said there were signs of dementia or Alzheimer's.

Brenda Norwood says her uncle was an Air Force veteran who lost his wife 15 years ago. So it was just him and his dog Tex living in a little blue house in a struggling neighborhood showing its age.

'He took care of that dog better than he did himself,' Brenda Norwood said.

That's why the Norwoods think Therman Harris went out to get dog food sometime Thursday night, despite the dangerous conditions.

Although they believe he froze to death, the medical examiner has not yet determined a cause.

On Monday afternoon, an animal control officer struggled to get Tex into his truck. The mixed-breed jumped and snarled.

He's been a one-man dog.

There's no one left in the family who can take him in.


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