DALLAS - Planning a wedding this weekend never included ice for Cely Moreno and Chris Mosier.

'No! Actually we didn't,' she said. 'But I did plan to marry my best friend tomorrow, so I'm looking forward to it -- rain, sleet or snow... or shine!'

The couple spent this frigid Friday stuck to their phones, exchanging texts, watching TripTracker, and following friends' posts on Facebook.

'Yeah, I have one friend who's coming in from Manhattan who's flying from New York to Detroit to Houston and renting a car and then driving tonight,' she said.

They're getting married on Saturday, but ice is preventing a third of the guests from getting to Dallas, Mosier said.

American Airlines alone canceled 1,400 flights in the last two days because of ice and sleet at D/FW Airport.

'We got the core family here, and that's what really matters, so we'll follow up with the rest afterwards,' he said.

Calls kept coming in to their mobile phones all afternoon.

'Worst case scenario: You guys stay there and try to drive in the morning. Or, I'll totally understand if you guys decide not to make the trek,' Moreno told guests on the phone who were driving to Dallas from Victoria, Texas.

Not all the wedding party has arrived either. Plus, Mosier's grandmother had to cancel her trip from Colorado, and so did the make-up artist for the rehearsal dinner.

Still, the rehearsal dinner went on as scheduled Friday night. The venue in Lakewood was open.

Despite broken branches, the power is still on at St. Thomas Aquinas Catholic Church for Saturday's ceremony. What remains uncertain and changing every hour is just how many of the guests that will be able to make it here.

'We already talked to the deacon, and he's scraping his driveway. He'll be there tonight, and I imagine we'll have a game plan for tomorrow just in case,' Mosier explained.

Ice has whittled down their guest list all day, but the couple is moving ahead with their wedding -- even if not many are there to witness it this weekend.


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