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WEATHERFORD Help can't come soon enough for people who have been stranded west of Fort Worth on icy highways in their cars and trucks for more than 24 hours.

One of the worst situations was along Interstate 20 in Weatherford where west of townthere was a backup stretching more than 15 miles

State troopers were trying to clear people off the road so Texas Department of Transportation graders and work crews could get through and take advantage of the afternoon thaw, but it was a long process.

Weatherford police even closed some off ramps because too many motorists were clogging up gas stations and truck stops.

On I-30 closer to Fort Worth, a bus with 30 passengers was trying to make it up from El Paso to Dallas; they were stuck for 12 hours with a one-month-old baby boy on board.

'We don't know about the weather,' his father said. 'We can't do anything about weather, so we've got to wait. That's all they're telling us just wait.'

There were other logjams that developed Sunday evening along I-20 and I-30 as work crews slowly worked to break down the thick ice that was on the roads.

Traffic was backed up from the where the two freeways merge all the way into Fort Worth.


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