IRVING -- The cold blast that has hit North Texas this week has apparently come at a good time.

'A couple of weeks ago against the Giants, we got some bad weather down here in the days leading up to that,' said Cowboys head coach Jason Garrett. 'We thought that was a positive, just to get out there and practice in it, and it sounds like the weather is not going to be great here the next couple of days, so we're certainly going to embrace that opportunity as well.'

Those cold weather preparations helped the Cowboys beat the Giants that week 24-21 to start their current two-game winning streak.

'If we can practice here, we're certainly going to practice here,' Garrett said.

'I don't like being cold period,' said Cowboys cornerback Orlando Scandrick.

It will be cold in Chicago on Monday night. The game-time temperature is expected to be in the mid-twenties and dropping. It wasn't that cold in North Texas Thursday afternoon, but it was cold enough to give the players a taste of what's to come.

'I don't know, I'm not a believer that it helps at all,' Scandrick said. 'Whether I practice in it or play in it, you're going to be cold. You're going to have the mental toughness and the focus and just the will to go out and do it. So whether it's 100 degrees or 15 degrees, you just have to go out and have the mental toughness and the focus.'

'Yeah, it was pretty cold out there,' said Cowboys defensive end DeMarcus Ware. 'Usually you gauge it if your fingers go numb or not, and they went numb today. We actually got a little drizzle before practice, so we sort of got a little of that soggy grass like there is going to be in Chicago, so I think it was perfect.'

Cowboys center Travis Frederick was born in Wisconsin and played his college ball there, as well. He should be used to playing in the cold.

'I would say I prefer playing in cold weather than very hot weather,' Frederick said. 'I don't necessarily like doing it, and I don't like playing in super hot weather either. Really, 50 is perfect for me.'

The Cowboys franchise certainly has a history of playing games in cold weather, the 1967 ice bowl comes to mind but the current group of Cowboys aren't used to the severe conditions that they'll face Monday. One way or another, they'll have to be ready.


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