GRANDVIEW, Texas Investigators now feel confident they know what caused Saturday night's devastating explosion at the rural home of 62-year-old Wanda Davis: Leaking propane gas that found a spark at the water heater's pilot light.

'Liquid to gas, it expands... about 200-plus times,' explained Johnson County Sheriff's Office spokesman Lt. Tim Jones. 'So a gallon of gas becomes 200 gallons of gas and vapor, and it expands. That's what were theorizing at this point as a contributing factor to the explosion.'

What remains unclear is why Davis didn't realize her three-story cabin was filling with gas; she should have been able to smell it.

But on Monday, a clue from the sheriff's office could explain why she didn't.

'We know from what the family has said that she did have a sense of smell issue,' Jones said. 'We do not know if that was related to it or not. She was found with her nightclothes, like thermal underwear. She looked like she had been in bed.'

The explanation makes sense, but it doesn't change the heartbreak of wondering why this had to happen to her.

The sheriff's office says Davis' husband, Gary Wagoner, was out of state on a business trip at the time of the explosion. He returned to Grandview on Monday.

Family members said funeral services for Davis are tentatively planned for Friday.


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