GARLAND For Ann Ticknor, the discovery of her husband's body is closure. It's something she's prayed about for the longest time.

She knew the longer it took to find Hal, the more remote the possibility would be of finding him alive.

'Seven weeks of not knowing is a long time,' Ann Ticknor said.

The news came on Friday night. Hal Ticknor's 2007 Chevy Equinox was discovered along with a body by hunters that afternoon in Seymour, Texas, according to Garland police spokesman Joe Harn.

'I told them from the beginning, 'He would be on country roads.' That's what he loved,' Ann Ticknor said.

She told News 8 that Hal loved the outdoors, and even hunted quail in Seymour. 'He loved the country. He hunted, he fished, and he loved the out-of-doors. He had done that all of his life.'

It's unclear if that's the reason Hal Ticknor went to that rural location. Family members said he suffered from dementia.

'It's a little bit comforting,' Ann Ticknor said. 'He went somewhere where it was his favorite thing to do.'

She has a growing stack of heart-felt cards in her living room. She'll read them from time to time to get her through what has been a very difficult seven weeks.

Ann Ticknor wants to thank everyone for all their help and effort in trying to find her husband especially the congregation at First United Methodist Church in Garland.

'They have carried us along, and it's just been amazing,' she said.

The body found in Seymour will go to the Tarrant County Medical Examiner's office for positive identification. The family said they may know the results on Monday.


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