DALLAS Code enforcement crews were back at work on Tuesday trying to recover a female dog and her two puppies they believe are living in a storm drain in West Dallas.

On Monday, three different city agencies worked together to free a trapped Terrier mix stuck in a drain in the 3100 block of Clymer Street. Using a remote-control inspection camera, they spotted the dog's precise location, then set up a trap with dog food in it to lure the pup in.

A day later, crews took a less technological approach. Using canned dog food and traps, workers spent the day watching the traps placed above ground.

'We hope to get the dogs out of the elements and get them into a nice warm environment,' said Adrian Vela with Dallas Animal Services.

Crews on scene do not believe the puppies were trapped, but rather were living in the storm drains. This is something they say is common this time of year as stray animals look for warmth as colder weather moves in.

'The animals around here use these as a thoroughfare to get from point A to point B,' Vela said.

Dallas Animal Services said they plan to work with the streets department and look into sealing off entrances to storm drains across the city.


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