PLANO -- Plano police took precautions Friday night, hoping to avoid a repeat of what happened the week before.

'We have to be proactive in this. We don't want anyone to get hurt,' said David Tilley of the Plano Police Department.

Last week, an all-out brawl broke out at a Whataburger in Plano; a popular spot for students after a football game.

In the end, five students were arrested, three of those for riot participation.

This Friday, police beefed up patrols in and around the Whataburger and some other popular hang-outs after the game where Plano Senior High School took on Allen at Clark Stadium. At the Whataburger, Plano police installed a mobile tower unit to get a better view of the parking lot surrounding the restaurant.

'I honestly think it's stupid. I guess that's what school spirit does to people,' said Nichole Cava, a student.

'I think Plano police don't need to be taking it too far - like, 'Oh, it's going to happen every week,'' said another student, James Christianson.

Tilley said last week's fight was incredibly rare for Plano. As far as he can remember, a brawl like that hadn't occurred in at least several years.


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