DECATUR A police chase Friday night topped 100 miles-per-hour, went on for close to 70 miles and ended with a minor crash near Texas Motor Speedway in far north Fort Worth.

Dash cam video from a Decatur police cruiser shows the suspect scattering caution barrels as he rammed them on State Highway 114

'He's going down the middle, taking the cones out,' said Decatur chief Rex Hoskins.'Running off the side of the road, passing on the right side, going in the wrong lane.'

Chief Hoskins says the pursuit started on Highway 287 in Decatur about 9:25 p.m. on Friday. He says a swerving car nearly hit a Decatur sergeant running radar on the side of the road.

'He said this guy was going to kill somebody if we didn't get him stopped, the way he was driving,' Hoskins said.

The chase went north about 15 miles to Alvord, where the driver made a U-turn and headed south then west on 114.

Sgt. Brian Nodine reported plastic bags of powder flying out the driver's window, the contents pelting the police cruiser window.

At Texas Motor Speedway, the officer caught the car as it turned south on Interstate 35. They collided and went into a ditch. Chbira Chavira, 29, of Dallas was arrested for drugs, evading arrest, DWI, reckless driving, no driver's license and no insurance.

Chief Hoskins says he did have methamphetamine.

'We're talking about 22 grams of meth in a baggie,' Hoskins said.
When police vacuumed out the suspect's car, the chief said they sucked up nearly four more grams of what is believed to be meth.

Hoskins says the pursuit was within policy guidelines because the driver was considered such a threat to other motorists before the chase ever started.

Chavira is being held on $78,800 bond in the Wise County Jail.


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