IRVING Sunday's win by the Cowboys over the Vikings was critical for Dallas to maintain their lead in the NFC East but the team won without much of a running game.

Dallas ran the ball a franchise low nine times on Sunday and one of those was a scramble by quarterback Tony Romo so that means there were only four called running plays.

'We have to be more balanced and we have to run it better, ' Cowboys head coach Jason Garrett said.

For a team that has preached offense balance since training camp, Sunday's game was far from balanced.

'We weren't as efficient as we needed to be, too many tackles for a loss in the limited number of opportunities,' Garrett said. 'We have to do a better job of being more balanced, it'll help our football team, it'll help our lineman, it'll help our quarterback, it'll help our defense, it'll help our team get better.'

Of the 55 called pass plays on Sunday, 51 were actual throws, three turned into sacks and one was a quarterback scramble. Halfof the eight running plays called went for zero or negative yardage. Running back Lance Dunbar had three carries for negative 6 yards.

'It's frustrating but as long as we got the win, as long as we win, we're happy with it,' Dunbar said.

Running back DeMarco Murray carried the ball 4-times for 31 yards, 27 came on one play. Murray was asked if it felt like the running backs only carried the ball eight times.

'Yeah,' Murray said. 'Yeah it did. It definitely did. You always want to be balanced but sometimes it doesn't go that way. The most important thing is winning. If you're winning, then at the end of the day there's not much to be said about that situation. All that matters is the win,' he said.


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