CROWLEY -- The little league football field in Crowley was quiet Thursday night, but on Monday night, there was no peace.

'Everyone got into a fight,' said Weatherford Outlaws football player Aden Hargrave.

The fight happened in the parking lot between parents from the Weatherford Outlaws and the Crowley Eagles. Both teams play in the peewee division, 7- and 8-year-old players.

'The fear that I saw in the boy's faces,' said Weatherford Outlaws Peewee Coach Michael Smith, 'that's what I have in my heart.'

The game was called in the third quarter after a Crowley coach shoved an official. Minutes after, a Crowley parent went up to a Weatherford player, questioned his age and verbally attacked him. Witnesses say the same woman also attacked one of the boy's relatives.

'Physically opened the door, and pulled their cousin out of the car, and start beating on them,' said Christopher Frank, VP of the Weatherford Peewee Football League. 'The guy who got pulled out of the car, his thumb got bitten.'

Weatherford parents stepped in to break up the fight. Crowley police were called, but no arrests were made and there were no citations or charges filed.

The Northwest Texas Youth Football Association (NWTYFA) suspended both teams from the playoffs, holding both towns accountable, but knowing Crowley individuals started the incident.

'[...]The board determined that once these additional fights occurred, both towns must share equal blame. Therefore, the decision was made to penalize both teams equally,' said John Kancy from NWTYFA.

The decision upset the Weatherford Outlaws.

'For us to get the exact same punishment as that team, just to set an example for future teams,' Frank said, 'it's not fair to our kids.'

The Crowley Youth Association is investigating the fight, including the parents and coaches involved. Its president is embarrassed and promised punishment will be handed down. He also had a message for Weatherford.

'I hate it for you. The kids, the families -- especially the kids,' said President Richard Mattinson. 'I don't want Crowley to be a bad taste in your mouth. I apologize.'

But in the end, that won't be enough for the little guys like Aden Hargrave, who just want to play.


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