FORT WORTH Construction crews are tearing up four blocks of Walton Avenue in Fort Worth to fix problems underground after a water main erupted in spectacular fashion last summer.

'We've had a lot of water main breaks on this street,' said homeowner Harold Cypert.

The biggest break happened on June 25, generating a high-pressure fountain.

Its target was a home in the 3600 block of Walton. The water ripped shingles from the roof and flooded the home.

The damage came just days before the city approved overhauling the neighborhood's 50-year-old water and sewer network.

After the incident, crews immediately went to work. But four months later, frustration is building. Neighbors are tired of the noise, detours and dirt.

'It's been every day since the end of July. Are you through here?' asked homeowner Dianna McDonnell. 'C'mon, and let's put the cement on, and go with it!'

The Fort Worth Water Department explained that new 16-inch water pipes are going in to replace smaller ones, and these will be buried deeper underground, work that has been a bit bumpy.

The contractor has been encountering rock, and so it takes longer to dig through that rock,' said water department spokeswoman Mary Gugliuzza. 'It is an inconvenience; we understand that. But the goal is to hopefully have this done by Christmas time, weather permitting.'

For now, homeowners are going with the flow, hoping workers can meet their holiday deadline.

'We might have a block party,' McDonnell said. 'Who knows?'


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