DALLAS When your age is in the single digits, few things are as exciting as your birthday. And so, on Sunday afternoon, the Cantu family of West Dallas called the neighbors and ordered pizza to celebrate Lorenzo's seventh.

As they waited for the guest of honor, there hung over the party a unavoidable truth this youngster almost didn't survive to see the next year of his life.

Saturday was Lorenzo's actual birthday. That afternoon, his grandfather's surveillance system was recording, and it captured a chilling video that shows the youngster running out from behind a parked car in the 3100 block of Conroe Street.

The images show him being struck by a white or cream-colored extended cab pickup truck pulling a flatbed trailer.

The person behind the wheel never stopped, leaving Lorenzo lying in the road.

After 24 hours in the hospital, the boy is recovering from a concussion, and his feet are badly scratched. His mother, Victoria Cantu, said those are his only injuries.

'I mean, it feels good... I'm glad he's here,' she said as he sat down to open birthday presents.

The driver who hit Lorenzo remained at large Sunday evening.

'I just hope they find that guy, because that's not right,' Victoria Cantu said. 'He didn't hit the brakes... nothing.

She is a understandably a wreck, but Lorenzo's pretty matter-of-fact about what happened.

'I hope they get arrested,' he said.

But minutes later, he was opening presents, on to the next thing.

As it should be.

His mother will do the worrying about the scary stuff for him. Wanting to punish the person who hurt Lorenzo is never far from her mind.

'I hope he's watching this and he feels that guilt and he turns himself in,' she said.

Dallas police said the incident is under investigation and no arrests have been made. The driver of the pickup truck faces charges of failure to stop and render aid and abandoning a child.


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