McKINNEY Several McKinney families are frustrated and angry about retaining walls behind or beside their homes. The walls are crumbling, cracking or buckling, making them dangerous.

But the question about these deteriorating walls is: Who should be responsible for paying to repair them?

The retaining wall at Jennifer Walker's house suddenly toppled a few weeks ago, sending her wooden fence crashing down with it.

McKinney city officials closed off the sidewalk with barriers for safety, but the damage hasn't been repaired yet.

'In the homeowners' opinion, we shouldn't be responsible for tens of thousands of dollars of repair because it was built poorly,' Walker said.

Larry Duncan lives on the other side of the street, on a greenbelt. The 12-foot retaining wall behind his house is buckling badly.

'I have grandkids coming to visit,' he said. 'I'm always concerned when they're out there, what if that lets go?'

The developer who built their homes died. His company dissolved. The management company that oversees their homeowners' association says according to covenants, conditions and restrictions repairing the walls is not an HOA responsibility since it is on individual homeowner's property and not common areas.

'If it was normal maintenance, I'm 100 percent behind that,' said Duncan. 'But this is not normal maintenance.'

The homes having problems in the Heatherwood subdivision are less than 10 years old. 'There should have been some sort of support structure within the wall,' Walker said.

But the City of McKinney says it's not their responsibility either, since it's on private property. Officials told us they're working with the homeowners to seek a long-term solution.

'No matter where you go, you run into a roadblock,' Duncan said. 'You think you're making progress, and then you run into a dead end.'


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