We've now seen enough football this season to have a pretty good idea of what to expect week to week and you have a pretty decent idea of what to expect from you fantasy team.

So most game-changing waiver pickups will come from injuries the remainder of the year. Sorry -- hope you got in on Jordan Cameron, Bilal Powell, or Knowshon Moreno early. If you didn't, get ready to fight for your Robert Turbins and Toby Gerharts down the stretch. Every season-ending injury is now your oyster!

If you're nowhere near the top half of your league for points scored, odds are you're just going to be playing for fun the rest of the year. But there are still lots of ways to enjoy the fantasy season!

For instance, you can try drinking games based around your awful fantasy team. Here's my rules:

  • Drink every time Fred Jackson makes you hate C.J. Spiller
  • Drink every time you have to wait to see the player's number to tell if it was Wes Welker or Eric Decker catching a Peyton Manning pass
  • Drink every time you see a player rip off a big run or catch, then go to see if he's owned in your league and find out he is
  • Drink every time you think about dropping Hakeem Nicks, then chicken out
  • Drink every time the Giants run the ball with someone not named David Wilson
  • Drink every time Carson Palmer turns it over. Drink twice if you told everyone about how Arizona's passing offense was going to open up with Bruce Arians at the helm
  • Drink twice if a quarterback throws for a TD instead of handing it to your RB inside the three yard line
  • Drink twice if you say, 'I've got him... on my bench.'
  • Drink twice for every 10 points your starting defense gives up
  • Drink twice if a player considered a handcuff or backup to one of your players scores
  • Finish your drink if you lead a pickup column with Ryan Broyles and he follows it up with zero catches on one target (guilty... but I'm hanging on to him)
  • Finish your drink if one of your starters is carted off the field
  • Finish your drink if Jacksonville scores an offensive touchdown

Play this any Sunday, and congratulations! You won a trip to the hospital to have your stomach pumped.

(I should probably note somewhere around here WFAA doesn't not advocated binge drinking and this is for entertainment purposes only. Unless you're a C.J. Spiller owner; then everyone will understand.)

If you need more potential pickups, see this column for Week 3 and Week 4.

(For our purposes, we'll be categorizing players each week as should be added, could be added, or if you're desperate. The number of players we take a look at will vary each week depending on injuries and their realistic usefulness in the weeks to come -- no adding players for the sake of meeting a minimum.)

Should be added

Danny Woodhead, RB, San Diego

Cowboys fans may have noticed Woodhead burning their linebacking corps for five catches, 54 yards, and two scores last week (in addition to his 32 yards on the ground). He's probably already owned if you're in a PPR league, but if he's available, he has a soft matchup this week against Oakland, is always good for a few catches and a handful of yards, and could get significantly more time if Ryan Mathews gets hurt. A nice bye week fill in, if you can get him.

Nate Washington, WR, Tennessee Titans

Yes, Jake Locker is going to miss some time. But Washington is one of those perpetually-underrated pieces that has a tendency to score in the teens in fantasy quite a bit. Each year the prognosticators assume his role will be reduced in favor of someone younger or with more obvious athleticism, but Washington is hanging on and putting up numbers that beat some every-week starters. I still like Kendall Wright more, but with Ryan Fitzpatrick taking over under center for a spell, Washington may prove to be the better option short-term.

Alshon Jeffery, WR, Chicago Bears

Another guy who's likely already owned in your league, but if he's not, Jeffery is a must-add. He's been near the top of the targets list for the Bears for the last two weeks and will be a useful part of a healthy offense going forward. His value will skyrocket if Brandon Marshall is hurt.

Justin Blackmon, WR, Jacksonville Jaguars

He was a desperate add last week, but with a very shallow waiver pool this week, you could do worse than Blackmon if you need help at receiver. Don't get me wrong -- the Jaguars will still be terrible offensively, but Cecil Shorts and Ace Sanders have combined for 38 targets in the last two weeks. Blackmon has too much talent for Blaine Gabbert to not try forcing it to him eight or nine times a game, especially with Jacksonville down 21 points in the third quarter every week.

Could be added

Jerome Simpson, WR, Minnesota Vikings

They're on bye this week, but Simpson may develop into a worthwhile add if Minnesota ever wises up and move on from Christian Ponder. Matt Cassel is the better starter and targeted the athletic Simpson 11 times -- the next highest Viking in targets was Greg Jennings with four. A wait-and-see add, but with bye season upon us, a luxury at best.

Robert Woods, WR, Buffalo Bills

I may be lower on Woods than most, but that's more because I don't trust E.J. Manuel as far as he can throw it. But he seems to want to feed the ball to Woods a lot, and with Stevie Johnson attracting defensive attention, I could see him becoming a surer option as the year goes on. Woods will have a breakout game sometime in the next few weeks and you'll be angry he's not on your team, but don't beat yourself up about it. Buffalo would prefer to stick with the ground game.

Rashad Jennings, RB, Oakland Raiders

The long-time MJD handcuff is now a DMC handcuff. Jennings had a mediocre per-carry average last week, but picked up 45 rush yards to go with 71 receiving yards on eight catches. He's also expected to get the majority of the work this week against San Diego. A solid potential spot starter if you need a RB2 or Flex this week, but he may not have a prominent role long.

If you're desperate

Roy Helu, RB, Washington Redskins

Also more of a handcuff for Alfred Morris owners. Keep in mind he only had one rushing attempt on the season before last week. Morris is the starter, banged up ribs and all. But if he misses time, Helu yards and Helu touchdowns (sorry).

Brian Hoyer, QB, Cleveland Browns

He's a quarterback, and if you own RGIII, you may need one this week. Philip Rivers and Alex Smith are better options, if they're available. But Hoyer at least draws the beat up (and not very good to begin with) Bills defense.

Mike Goodson, RB, New York Jets

He's coming off a four-game suspension and most assume Bilal Powell will remain the Jets RB to own. Powell probably is, but I'll be interested to see Goodson's role this week. The Jets aren't going to run it down your throat, but Goodson may have some value as a handcuff or third-down/goalline back.

Josh Davis is a web editor, formerly covered the Texas Rangers for and is kinda obsessed with fantasy sports. He has no professional expertise in fantasy sports, but finds it funny that anyone claims they do.

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