SOUTHLAKE A new tradition is sweeping through the hallways of Southlake Carroll Senior High School.

Lexie Hassien, 17, is encouraging students to forego the traditional mum during this year's homecoming celebration and instead sport a patriotic armband.

'My dad is active military, he is in South Carolina right now,' she said.

The high school senior and her longtime boyfriend plan to donate the $300 they would have spent on a decorative mum to the website and charity

Other students like Mollie Danel are doing the same thing.

'It's good to spend the money on something actually worthwhile instead of ribbons and things like that,' said Danel.

Both girls said they have a lot of friends that are doing traditional mums. The drum majors aren't trying to do away with that, but instead hope the armband idea grows to become part of the Carroll Senior High homecoming tradition.

Hassien said she and her boyfriend made their bands from things picked out at a local craft store.

They plan to wear the bands to Friday night's homecoming game.


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