DALLAS Police were searching late Sunday night for a car that was stolen with a 14-year-old girl in the back seat.

The child was found safe a short time later and was in the custody of Dallas police waiting for a reunion with family members.

It all started when a woman and a male friend were accosted by an armed man at a convenience store at 2nd and Dixon avenues in South Dallas.

'She said that she was about to pull in to purchase something at the store,' said Luis Dehoyos, a security guard at the store. 'A guy approaches her with a gun held at her head. She gets out of the car with one of her friends, a boyfriend or somebody as a passenger, and runs in to the store panicked saying she has been carjacked.'

The vehicle taken in the kidnapping is a 1999 four-door white Pontiac Grand Prix.

A witness described the suspect as a Latin male in his early 20s who was wearing a white T-shirt.


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