DALLAS Alan Mason remains in jail for a DWI probation violation and unpaid traffic tickets, but he will soon walk out. He's no longer a person of interest in the Fair Park rapes case. And his grandmother, Shirley Clerkley, will be there forhis release.

'I'm going to hold him so tight,' said Clerkley. 'I'm going to hug and kiss him.'

Clerkley stood by her grandson since he was arrested a week ago and she always believed that the evidence would steer detectives away from Mason.It did.

'Chief Brown just messed up,' she said. 'I don't like what he done whatsoever and I don't like that and now he's trying to cover it up.'

In a press conference this week, Chief David Brown defended publicizing Mason as a person of interest.He explained that investigators were following a tip and were struggling to find Mason.

Clerkley believes the case was mishandled.

'We went through all of this and we got mistreated,' she said. 'He wasn't connected to none of this. Once you tarnish your name, it's kind of tarnished for a while. I mean a long while. People won't trust you.'

She wants Chief Brown to apologize.

'I would like to hear that I'm sorry, but he refused to say I'm sorry,' said Clerkley.

Chief Brown sent News 8 a statement.

'We never referred to Mr. Mason as a suspect,' said Brown. 'But, I do apologize for those who did.'


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