DALLAS When News 8 first met 35-year-old Sonya Johnson in February, the busy mother of two energetic girls knew she had put herself and her own health last for too long.

"I think I've just put everything into work and the kids," said Johnson. "So I just haven't made the time for myself.Everyone else gets to be a priority."

She set a goal to lose 30 pounds. Since then, with the help of a Medical City dietitian, Sonya learned how to shop smarter. Market Street helped her make quick, easy, and healthier meals.

Trainer Brigid Wollack taught her work outs easily done in the living room. As a result, Johnson has lost 30 pounds and four sizes.

"It hasn't been as hard as I've thought it would be," she said. "You just have to adapt and make changes."

Sonya credits her transformation to five easy changes everyone can make: She no longer eats lunch out.She has cut soda completely from her diet. She has reduced processed foods and carbs overall. And she now exercises daily.

Even her children are proud.

"Because she's been working hard," says 9-year old Carringtyn, "Everyday she works hard to work out."

Many of the changes have become habits for the entire family. Gone is daily take-out and high calorie snacks. Fruits and veggies are in. Instead of soda and high calorie juice, the Johnsons occasionally enjoy a sparkling low-calorie sparkling water.

The Johnsons don't believe in deprivation.There are still occasional treats. Sonya Johnson didn't believe what a doctor told her in February.

"When she told me I need to lose 70 pounds, I thought that seemed impossible," she said. "But now it makes sense. Where I think I can and think I'd look great looking like that."

She's vowing to make that goal by year's end and be a Fit Mom, forever.


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