Deion Sanders' Prime Prep Academy is in the crosshairs of the NCAA.

For months, News 8's Brett Shipp has been investigating the athletic program and curriculum of the charter school, which has been in business for just one year.

Now two graduates have learned their futures are in jeopardy.

Karviar Shepherd and Jordan Mickey, both Prime Prep grads who had signed to play basketball at TCU and LSU, respectively, have been declared ineligible by the NCAA.

The NCAA Eligibility Center says "sociology and social problems," a course at Prime Prep, does not qualify as a core high school course.

In its short one-year existence, Prime Prep has played by its own rules.

When it wasn't allowed to compete against Texas high schools by the University Interscholastic League amid allegations of player recruiting, Prime Prep set up a national schedule, touring the country to play other top high school teams.

Prime Prep coach Ray Forsett was interviewed by the Louisville Courier Journal when the team played a game there this year.

"There wasn't a doubt that we were going to do whatever we had to do to make sure they played," he said. "They wanted to go to Prime Prep, and so so we wanted to make sure they trusted me and Mr. Wallace and Deion that they were going to play."

Prime Prep administrator D.L. Wallace did not return a phone call or e-mail for comment.

Deion Sanders posted this on Twitter:

"Please don't jump [to] any conclusions regarding 2 graduating seniors from PrimePrep whom received college scholarships. Time will tell. Truth."

The NCAA said the Prime Prep course is under review. Both students are at the college campuses where they planned to play next year. They can still enroll in those schools without a scholarship.

And the NCAA, upon further review, could change their eligibility. But for now, it's time out.


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