The walk from the squad car to the suspect's passenger window took only nine seconds, but it s a traffic stop Montague County Sheriff s Deputy James Boyd will never forget.

The video, posted on, shows Boyd coming face-to-face with Evan Ebel on March 21. Ebel, 28, was on the run after killing Colorado's top prison official, Tom Clements, and a pizza delivery man in that state.

News 8 sat down with Boyd days after the shooting. He told us it happened in an instant.

"I remember seeing the gun shoot off a number of times, and I could see the cartridges just fly out," Boyd said.

The dashcam video shows Boyd falling to the ground after being shot three times. One bullet hit him in the head; the other two struck him in the chest, but his vest saved him.

Boyd managed to radio for help, and he also gave authorities a description of the suspect's vehicle.

Kind of half way up looking for my mic, trying to call out for help, that's about the time I noticed I was bleeding from the face, noticed something is not right, Boyd said. "I need help."

Thirty-five minutes after Boyd was shot, Ebel's rampage was over. He died in a shootout with officers and deputies in Wise County.

On Friday, Deputy James Boyd will receive an award for his role in the Ebel investigation.


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