DALLAS -- It took a jury only six minutes Wednesday morning to find Naim Rasool Muhammad guilty of drowning his two sons.

The defense called no witnesses on the closing day of the trial and defense attorney Paul Johnson said in his closing statement to "go and find his client guilty."

In his closing arguments, prosecutor Tammy Kemp called Muhammad a "selfish, evil man."

Muhammad was found guilty of drowning his three- and five-year-old sons, Elijah and Naim Muhammad, on the older boy's first day of school in August 2011. Investigators said he was upset about the end of his turbulent relationship with the mother of his children, Kametra Sampson. He abducted the boys and their mother as she was walking them to school, but she later escaped and flagged down a constable.

However, no Amber Alert was issued.

Muhammad told police that he led the boys to a creek. Elijah was asking for his mother. Muhammad admitted to telling them to sit by the water and then, as the prosecution noted on Monday, had them play like they were swimming. He held their heads underwater until they drowned, he told investigators.

"It was supposed to be a good day for Naim Muhammad for his first day of school," the prosecutor said, "but then Daddy showed up."

In testimony earlier this week, Brandon Turner, uncle to slain boys Naim and Elijah, told the court that Muhammad was coming after his third son, one-year-old Jeremiah. Turner said he was able to keep the boy safe and push Muhammad away from the home. He said Muhammad attempted to break into his home via a bedroom window and screamed, 'Your nephews are dead!' as he was being shoved out.

The father faces the death penalty of life imprisonment. As the sentencing phase began after the conviction, defense attorney Johnson argued that Muhammad had a childhood defined by neglect. He was born to a crack-addicted mother. He never knew his father. Everyone in leadership roles failed Muhammad, the defense said, which led him to a life of crime.

The defense argued that Muhammad does not pose a further threat to society and that he does not deserve the death penalty. Johnson testified that Sampson and Muhammad were each dysfunctional their sons were caught in the middle.

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