Few eyes stayed dry as bells tolled, bagpipes played and the final emergency call went out with no answer from the fallen on Thursday.It was the final 30 minutes of a two and a half hour service in Waco, honoring the victims of the West Fertilizer Co. explosion.

And one young man says too few people were there to see it. In a YouTube video, the student says Baylor attendees left as soon as President Barack Obama finished speaking, but long before the service had ended.

"And you just walked away from that. Are you kidding me? Are you kidding me?" said a young man who posted a video blog on YouTube just after the memorial had ended.

"I'm sorry, West, that I'm associated with this school and this student body who just went to hear this one man talk," he said.

He's had a few dozen replies to his post. Some are from people who say they were inside and they too thought it was disrespectful. One woman, who wrote that she is a firefighter's wife who watched the "mass exodus" said she was ashamed.

"The tragedy in West brought out the best in Texas," she wrote."And these actions certainly show the darker side."

We reached out to some of the Dallas-area departments that were represented at the memorial and none of them report seeing or hearing anything they thought was disrespectful.

The student did not respond to requests for comment.


Watch the Baylor student's YouTube video:

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