FORT WORTH A Monday morning incident that left one 24-year-old woman dead and two other people hospitalized is bringing a call for action from residents along North Terry Street in Fort Worth.

Police aren't saying much about the investigation into the woman's death, but neighbors say it comes after a series of home invasions and other assaults in the area.

"It was just over the weekend... next thing I know a guy pulls out a gun and points it at me," said one 60-year-old man who didn't want to be identified out of fear his own safety.

The man was walking his dog near his backyard when he said a man randomly pulled a gun on him. Police are investigating it as an aggravated assault.

There have also been a series of home burglaries and robberies.

The area's longtime neighborhood watch captain, Susie Rodolfo, said everyone is on edge. She is urging more people to call 911 if they get suspicious.

"If the police don't know about it, we can't get the extra protection or patrols," she said.

Police are still investigating the break-ins, assaults and the Monday morning incident.


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