DALLAS For the second time in three weeks, Dallas Police are investigating a rape of a woman on the same neighborhood street in Lake Highlands.

Residents along Ferndale Road say they are living in fear, keeping a watchful eye on anything that appears amiss. Melissa Hairston is one of those since the first sexual assault 24 days ago, she said she's put more effort into insuring that her home is secure.

On Feb. 22, a man broke into a home and raped a woman at knifepoint. Last Friday, a man broke into a nearby house through a bedroom window and assaulted the woman inside.

"We're leaving our garage closed, said Hairston, who lives on Ferndale."We're locking our doors.And making sure our windows are locked."

Dallas Police arrested Fernando Munoz on March 1.They call him a strong suspect in the first Ferndale Road rape. Investigators are awaiting DNA test results may could connect him to at least four assaults in East Dallas.

Munoz, 33, is being held without bond on multiple charges of burglarizing a habitation and sexual assault.

"My biggest concern, of course, is I'm married. My wife is pregnant expecting a little girl," said Stephen Dux, another Ferndale Road homeowner."You know, I want to keep my house safe."

Police say the descriptions of the suspects in the Lake Highlands rapes are different. But Kimberly Bell still fears a serial rapist.

"It's just too coincidental to have the same crime on the same street three weeks apart by two different people," said Bell, who lives on Ferndale Road.

Homeowners say they're staying vigilant as police urge them to report anything that seems suspicious.


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