GREENVILLE Nearly four months ago, high school student Alicia Moore was kidnapped after getting off the school bus.

Her body was found dumped on the side of a highway miles away.

Alicia would have turned 17 on Saturday, and her family is still looking for justice.

No one has been arrested in the case.

Her family and friends held a vigil for Alicia in Greenville on Saturday evening. With music from a deejay and friends dancing in the street, it was the kind of party most 17-year-old girls would relish.

"If she was here, this is what she would have wanted a party," said Jessica Byrd. "Maybe not with so many people."

Alicia wasn't there for the block party in her honor; she couldn't see the Facebook page filled with warm messages.

Nearly four months after her body was found on the side of the road about an hour away from her home, Alicia's murder remains a mystery.

"No one's been caught yet," said Michael Moore, Alicia's uncle. "We're still waiting for answers. And that's really hard on us."

Moore made and decorated dozens of cupcakes for Alicia's birthday party. A professional baker, he had been teaching his niece how to make cakes, spending hours in the kitchen with her.

Moore said the family has mourned her death; on Saturday, they celebrated the 16 years of life she had... and set a course to get on with theirs.

"It hurts sometimes, but I'm over it now, and it's time to rejoice," Moore said. "You know, you've got to get over it and move on."

But in this case, moving on doesn't mean forgetting.

Until her killer is caught, Alicia's family wants her picture, her smile, to remain etched in everyone's mind.

Greenville police have said they have leads in the case and are waiting on DNA test results to come back.

There's still a $25,000 reward for information that leads to an arrest.


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