DALLAS -- Two Dallas Police Department officers are under criminal investigation.

A judge determined that they repeatedly lied in sworn testimony about a drug arrest they made back in December of 2011.

The officers found drugs, cash, and a gun at inside an apartment at a Red Bird-area complex. They arrested a man by the name of Melvin Williams.

But in a rare ruling, a Dallas judge questioned the credibility of the arresting officers and ordered the money returned.

"I think the judge just found their testimony incredible," said defense attorney Michael Smith. "It didn't add up."

The officers whose named were mentioned in open court, Randolph Dillon and John Llewellyn, claim they were sitting in their squad car when they saw Melvin Williams get into a vehicle. Officer Llewellyn testified in court "that he could see the driver hand Williams something, but couldn't see exactly what."

Officers arrested Williams, searched his car, and then his apartment.

"Now after they arrest him, at that point the officers allege that my client then told them there were more drugs in his apartment and a gun," Snith said, "which of course, doesn't make sense whatsoever."

An apartment manager who witnessed the search testified that the drugs were actually found in the bushes outside.

After listening to other witnesses, the judge ruled, "there is doubt as to whether any illicit drugs that were alleged to have been found belonged to Williams, as opposed to having been planted."

The ruling could call into question other cases also worked by the officers.

The officers' attorney told News 8 both have excellent reputations, numerous commendations, and have never been accused of untruthfulness.

"If you are a police officer and you are lying to make your cases, you are just as bad as the bad guy," Smith said.


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